7th Sea: Strange Tides

Session 2
City of the Lost

The heroes mark port at Solon and prepared to travel overland to the Lost City. At a local eatery, the hire two women, Melitta and Pelagia as guides. Galen hears about a retired master of the Lakedaimon Agoge, the Numan dueling style, in the town of Metsovo, which is on their path.

They set out on the journey, which they expect to take about a week. They spend the night in Metsovo, and go to meet the dueling master Nikephoros. They discover that he's being harassed by a gang of local strongmen. Since they can't talk the gang down, they have to resort to violence. Galen easily defeats the toadies and Jacov shoots the sword out of the hands of the ringleader. Philipe tells them it would be better to "come back tomorrow".

They learn that Kyros, the ringleader is charging a toll to cross his family land to the public well. Galen uses logic to convince him that he'll earn no respect by extorting people for water. Nikephoros, afraid that the thugs will come back, agrees to travel with them and teach Galen, if he can prove his dedication.

They reach the lost city, and their guides tell them that they wait for them outside the cyclopean ruin. Nikephoros waits with them. The heroes continue on into the ancient ruin.

The streets are silent and empty, and when Philipe and Galen decide to explore one of the buildings, Jacov waits in the street. He is attacked by a monstrous bird with a woman's face and shrunken breasts. The others rush into the street to aid him. Soon the monster is left dead, and her dying shriek is echoed by others across the city…

Session 1
Set Sail

Upon arriving in Five Sails,  Filipe del Rio met his old friend, the Castillian pirate, Juan del Gato. Knowing his friend's interest in all things acient, Juan told Filipe about a Vesten sailor, Vilde who claimed to have a map to some kind of Syrnath ruin on Numa.

Filipe found the Vilde the Vesten drunk in a seaside tavern. He was discussing stories with a pair of shifty looking Vodacci men, one of whom introduced himself as Benito Sangimignioni. He explained that he had a map to a tower outside the The Lost City in Numa. Vilde eventually agreed to sell the map for Galen's winnings at a knife game and recognition in the publication of any finds.

Just as Vilde tried to turn over the map to Galen, Benito and his allies struck. Benito revealed himself as a skilled duelist who clearly outclassed Galen. Galen prevailed only with the aid of his Usuran companion  Jacov, who blindsided the duelist. The rest of the tavern erupted into a bar fight, and Filipe ensured that the other toughs working with Benito did not intervene.

When the Sail Guard were called in to break up the fight, the heroes escaped through the back of the tavern, carrying Benito with them. Benito threatened that his master would come for the map. After confirmed that their fight was settled for the moment, Galen returned Benito's sword and left him behind in the ally.

They quickly set sail and as they departed the harbor, noticed a Vodacci ship beginning to follow them. Through some daring maneuvers, Filipe guided his ship through a small flotilla of Montaign ships, setting their pursuers in the wrong direction. He then charted a course through the Signore Islands and into the Numanari approach…


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