7th Sea: Strange Tides

Session 3

Lead by Jacov, the heroes picked their way through the errily empty interiors of the Lost City. The over-size scale made passage difficult and the streets and skyways required mad-dashes to the next building for cover. All through the journey, Philipe paused to take notes about the ancient city. When they reached the final buildings before the bridge that lead out of the city, Jacov recommended that they wait for nightfall. The bird-women, he presumed, were not so different from hawks, so they would likely not be active during the night. Fortunately, his presumption proved accurate, and they escaped the city without further confrontation.

They started picking their way through the winding canyons, taking their time to travel safely through the night. They encountered another encampment, which Galen covertly observed as a group of Amazons. They decided it would be best to wait for morning before introducing themselves in order to avoid misunderstandings.

In the morning, one of the Amazons found their encampment, and asked what they were doing. She said they were approaching a place sacred to Supati, Numan god of knowledge and magic. Philipe said they were here to see the tower, and the Amazon agreed to take them to her camp and introduce them to her war-chief, Charmion. She initially refused to show them to the tower, saying that Theans had already violated the sacred place. Philipe eventually convinced her of his good intentions that would honor her culture.

The other Amazons broke camp, and Charmion lead the heroes to the Tower of Light. Philipe marveled at the polished green-stone construction and glowing glass windows; clearly Synath construction. Galen circled the tower, realized the stone was completely seamless, and got the uncanny feeling that the tower was similar to the towers of the Sidhe that had began appearing on the Glamour Isles. Within the glowing glass chamber at the top of the tower, the heroes recognized something moving within the light.

As they admired the tower, they heard the sound of hooves and marching feet. Benito Sangimignioni and a band of ruffians appeared from around the bend in the canyon. Drawing on the power of the Graal, Galen leaped into action, driving of the ruffians with a flurry of blows. Benito slide from his horse skewered Galen with a thrust of his rapier. Philipe quickly climbed  a tree to get a better vantage point to see if there were more coming, seeing no threats, he leaped onto Benito's horse, startling the steed, which bolted and knocked Benito to the ground. As the fight continued, the heroes eventually gained the upper hand, driving off the remaining ruffians and forcing Benito to surrender.

Benito revealed that he had killed the other Amazons when they tried to stop him. Charmion moved to kill him, but Galen stopped her, promising to seek justice for their deaths. He revealed that he worked for Vincenzo Caligari, one of the princes of Vodacci and a well know collector of Synath artifacts. They decided to take him prisoner to face trial in a Thean court. Philipe took a final round of notes about the Tower of Light for publication with the Explorer's Society.


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